April 2016 Skynotes: Virgo Galaxy Cluster

Finally I managed to point the telescope to the skies again. This time at the core of the Virgo Galaxy Cluster, in particular at the centre at M86 (NGC 4406) around which are a feast of Galaxies to be seen.

At the LH side of the image are NGC 4435 & NGC 4438 (The Eyes Galaxies). To the right of M86 is M84 (NGC 4374).

All of these Galaxies lie in a string of Galaxies known as the Markarian's Chain. Some of the larger Galaxies also visible are NGC 4425, NGC 4413, NGC 4402 & NGC 4388. Why not have a go at identifying each one of these galaxies using a star map.
This image is a quick processed completion of 20 x 2 minute images to which more data will be added when the weather permits.

Bob Sayer

Virgo Galaxy Cluster
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Location: Praa Sands Cornwall
Latitude 50º06'19.0" N
Longitude 005º23'00 W
Altitude 68.9 feet (21m)

Image details:
Captured: 2016-04-28
The image is a compilation of 20 x 120 sec subs.
4" Apochromatic refractor @f/4
Imaging Camera - Artemis285 CCD
Guiding - Celestron 80mm f5 refractor Skyris132M b/w camera
Mount EQ6 controlled by EQASCOM and PHD2.
Filters: Lumicon Deep Sky
Captured and processed in Nebulosity 3/4 and Photoshop.