September 2015 Skynotes: The Moon

People often think that it is best to observe the Moon when it is full - this very bright to look at and it can look quite flat. I prefer to observe and image it when the Moon is not full and showing a phase. The line of the shadow which crosses the Moons face is called the Terminator – at this point the sunlight is at a low angle on the Moons surface and it highlights the craters and casts shadows in them. Also other features like Mountains and Domes standout as they cast shadows

The first image is of the 66% illuminated Moon from 23rd of September 2015.

The terminator is crossing Mare Imbrium - There is lots of interest here. There is crater Copernicus off the southern edge and crater Plato off the northern edge.

4" F11 Lyra refractor and asi120mm cam - 3 pane mosaic - poor seeing

The second image is of the 90% illuniated Moon tonight from the 25th of September 2015

This is a close up of a small part of the southern terminator. Here are three craters Schickard (top 147 x 147 miles), Nasmyth ( middle 47 x 47 miles) and Phocylides (Bottom 69 x 69 miles).

C9.25 F10 sct and asi120mmcam - 3 pane – reasonable seeing.

From Eynsham near Oxford

Matt Armitage